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Teruel Airport will expand its aerospace surface and aspires to a new aircraft recycling facility


Teruel Airport takes another step in its career to establish itself as the most important industrial airport in Spain and consolidate itself as an international benchmark through the expansion of spaces for high added value activities. The Governing Council, meeting today, has approved the processing of the concession file for a plot of 80,000 square meters for activities linked to the dismantling and recycling of aircraft and the processing of another file related to the concession of 638,000 meters intended to increase the surface reserved for aerospace activity. Both files are within the scope of the expansion of the General Interest Project of Aragon (PIGA). 


In the first case, the 80,000 square meters of surface are located in the Airport Activities Subsystem, within the General Airport System, in accordance with the activities provided for in the PIGA urban planning regulations. The planned concession period is 40 years with a minimum annual fee of 126,372.63 euros, although during the first two years no amount would be paid for the future concessionaire company to carry out the necessary works and manage the relative permits and authorizations. to the activity. The fee would begin to be paid in the third year counting from the date of the delivery certificate of the hangar planned for that plot. "In this way, once the land has been tendered and awarded, the winning company will be in charge of making the necessary investments proposed in its offer to implement the dismantling and recycling activities in accordance with current regulations," highlighted the Minister of Promotion and president of the Teruel Airport Consortium, Octavio López, who has observed that "contrary to what has been happening until now, when it was the airport itself that had to be in charge of making the hangars and the relevant facilities for operations. of the successful bidders, from now on they are the ones who begin to assume these investments, which speaks very well of the positioning of the Teruel airport and its attractiveness for the aeronautical industry."


On the other hand, the Governing Council has given the green light to the beginning of the processing of a file to expand the aerospace area by 63.80 hectares, with a concession period of 40 years and a minimum annual fee of 347,883.35 euros. As is known, Teruel airport is currently in an important moment of consolidation in this sector and among its objectives is to implement activities for the development of new aerospace technologies in a highly specialized, competitive environment, with excellent conditions and with rapid adaptation to the new requirements of the sector, such as aircraft prototypes, flight tests, etc. Since 2014, its facilities have housed part of the activity of the company PLD Space, a pioneer and benchmark in Europe in the development of reusable rockets that, after the success of the Miura 1 suborbital mission, is preparing the Miura 5 orbital mission for the year 2025. whose engines will be tested in the test bench that is being developed at the Teruel airport.

Finally, the Governing Council has approved starting the file to renew the airport security and surveillance service, with the idea of updating it to the new needs, determined by the growth in surface area and facilities, for which a tender with a budget is planned. annual of 400,000 euros.


Regarding the monitoring of the different actions underway at the Teruel airport, it should be noted that the installation of the 500 kW photovoltaic plant has already been completed, which will make it possible for the majority of the electrical energy consumed in the airport facilities to come from of clean energy sources and that in less than a month the construction of the new parking lot with capacity for 160 vehicles is scheduled to begin. The 5,000 square meter warehouse that is being built in the industrial zone and the 1,500meter warehouse in the southern area are expected to be completed in July 2024. 

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