The security, punctuality and efficiency of international civil aviation and its facilities and services have been threatened by an ever increasing variety of criminal acts. The main aim of Security is first to ensure the protection and safety of passengers, crews, ground personnel, the public, aircraft, the facilities providing services to international civil aviation, and the data needed for the provision of Air Navigation services, against illicit interference.

The enforcement of airport security is contracted to a private security company, which coordinated with the Security Forces of the State ensure tight security compliance. Forces and State Security monitored the implementation and operational security controls. All have AVSEC formation defined by AESA and the highest levels of excellence and continuous improvement are highlighted.

The Local Safety Committee monitors compliance Safety Program: coordinates, communicates and makes decisions in the field of Airport Security.


People who want to access to the airport installations with commercial, educational purposes…they must have the appropriate accreditation card. This Personal Accreditation is issued by the Airport, authorizing the access to the platform, maneuvering area and any other area to be determined.

There are accreditations for businesses, operational, temporary and permanent reasons.

Driving licenses

To drive on the air side, besides the need for personal accreditation and driver's license, an additional permit that it will be issued by the Airport it is required a prior knowledge test.

There are two types of licenses:

  • Airside Driving License (PCP): it is required to drive in the Controlled Area of the airport.
  • Maneuver Area Driving License (AM): it is required to drive in the Maneuvering Area of the airport.
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