Sceye is a material science company leading a new generation of high-altitude platform stations, or HAPS. Our groundbreaking work will help transform lives.

Sceye’s success has been built on a meticulous iterative development and testing process combined with extensive flight experience, allowing us to create the most advanced product in the HAPS sector.

Our engineering team has a wealth of diverse expertise that combines the best of America’s Cup, aerospace and advanced academic research.

We chose the form factor of an airship over balloons and fixed wing aircrafts as it allows for geostationary capability while lifting and powering far more payload than any other platform.

Sceye is solar powered during the day and battery powered at night. We don’t rely on rocket fuel like satellites or single use plastics like balloons.

Working with our global partners, our mission is to connect and protect our planet from the stratosphere

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