The Consortium of Teruel Airport develops a pioneering and innovative business model with strategic high-tech projects in the aerospace industry.

Innovative management has placed it in a world benchmark in airport applications for long-stay parking, aircraft maintenance and recycling, rocket engine testing, applications and drone testing, prototype testing, aircraft certification and flight tests.

Some innovative references have been the concept of industrial aerospace airport; automatic applications of aeronautical meteorology, on-demand services, aircraft approaches with satellites; European aeronautical innovation projects such as the LPV EGNOS with European GNSS Agency (GSA) and GMV entreprise for the implementation of satellite instrument approaches, among others.

The Teruel Airport and the University of Zaragoza signed a collaboration agreement to promote training, research and dissemination of engineering and its application in aeronautics from the province of Teruel.

The Airport of Teruel is part of the Aragonese Aeronautical Association (AERA), it is a cluster formed by a good number of partners encompassing the different agents of the region (companies, R&D centers and institutions), which intend to develop the sector in the Community. Their union will allow greater strength to participate in project phases of large companies in the sector.

The mission of the AERA cluster is to boost the aeronautical sector in Aragon, to facilitate its competitiveness in the short, medium and long term through cooperation and innovation between companies and other agents, giving answers in collaboration to the strategic challenges of it.

The Teruel Airport Consortium participates in 4 European H2020 projects, actively working on innovation in the aeronautical and recycling sectors. The European projects in which it participates are: BIZENTE, HELACS, VIBES and EOLO HUB

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