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The concession of the new hangar with capacity for two A-380 goes out to tender


The Teruel Airport Consortium has put out to tender the concession for the use of the new hangar with capacity for two A-380s that is being built at the Teruel Airport and is scheduled to be completed in March 2023.


February 17th, 2023

The works on it will end next March, which is why they wanted to launch the tender for the concession "with the aim of speeding up the processing and so that the aircraft maintenance activity can begin in the shortest possible time," he explained. the Consejero of the Territory, Mobility and Housing, José Luis Soro. This is an infrastructure that will increase hangarage capacity both in the number of warehouses and their size. For the construction of this infrastructure there has been a budget of about 23 million euros.

The tender specifications for the concession establish an annual fee of 1.4 million euros per year (without VAT) with a duration of 25 years, extendable for a further 10 years. The amount of the canon has been calculated based on the total cost of building the hangar and the value of the land. This is the initial bidding price and may be raised by the bidders.

As the general director of the Teruel Airport, Alejandro Ibrahim, has pointed out, "taking into account the time that will be needed to process the authorizations and permits necessary for the start-up of the activity, as well as the investment that the concessionaire will have to do, a partial canon has been established in the early years". In this way, after 6 months of start without canon, the first year will be paid 20%, the second year 30%, the third year 40%, the fourth year 60% and the fifth year, 80 %. From the sixth year until the end of the concession, 100% of the canon offered by the concessionaire will be paid.

Regarding the construction of the new hangar with capacity for two A380s, the president of the Teruel Airport Consortium, José Luis Soro, explained that "this work represents a qualitative and quantitative advance in the development of the infrastructure, we expand the possibilities of business development and the qualified employment that can be created is increased". José Luis Soro recalled that "it is a unique infrastructure in Spain and it will allow us to continue being leaders in the sector".

The Consejero José Luis Soro emphasizes that this infrastructure will serve to continue leading the sector of the aeronautical industry. Government of Aragon

Final phase of the works with structure view in February 2023. Teruel Airport.

Final phase of the works front view in February 2023. Teruel Airport.

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