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Teruel airport tenders two warehouse for 3.8 million euros


Teruel Airport has been operating for 10 years and continues to bet on continuing to grow in 2023, and that is why it is putting out to tender the two new projects and works of a 5,000 m2 warehouse and a warehouse in the southern area for drone activities in the stratosphere. Both works have an execution period of 10 months, previously two months to carry out the project and the deadline for submitting offers is February 20, 2023.

One of the constructions is a 5,000 m2 open-plan warehouse, located in the industrial estate, located at the entrance to the airport, and intended for logistics aeronautical activities and storage of aeronautical material. With an area of 50 meters x 100 meters and a free height of 7 meters, it will have a row of intermediate pillars, leaving at least 10 meters of free space between each of them. In addition, there will be 2 overhead cranes with a 2-ton load capacity. The bidding budget is 1.9 million euros, plus VAT. Once built, the tender for the concession of said ship will be put out to tender.

The other 1,500 m2 warehouse is located in the southern area of the airport, where the booths of the old military firing range are currently located. The drafting of the project and its subsequent construction have been put out to tender, just like the other warehouse, with the same execution terms as the previous warehouse. In addition, the aforementioned firing range will be demolished and the entire plot will be urbanized with an approximate surface area of 4.5 hectares, conditioning it with all the necessary supplies, as well as the construction of a roundabout connected to the national highway. A-1512. The ship will have an area of 30 meters x 50 meters and a free height of 7 meters. The bidding budget is 1.3 million euros, plus VAT. Once built, the tender for the use concession will be put out to tender.

The previous building includes the urbanization with the provision of a car park with canopies with capacity for 24 vehicles, the fencing of the four resulting plots, lighting and the provision of services, such as electricity, water or fiber optics. The discharges will be resolved through a treatment plant.

The ship in the southern area of the airport is expected to be exploited with an activity of drones that fly in the stratosphere, although companies from the aerospace sector may present themselves. The general director of the Teruel airport, Alejandro Ibrahim, already announced during the presentation of Teruel's candidacy to the headquarters of the Spanish Space Agency -finally destined for Seville- that Elson had expressed his interest in developing a project in the Turolense airport complex focused on HAPS drones that fly above 20 kilometers.

In relation to both works, a public tender is also tendered for the provision of work management, control and surveillance and health and safety coordination services for both projects and work for a bidding amount of 127,000 euros and a term of 12 months. .Completing the A380 double hangar

Regarding the construction work of the A380 double hangar that is underway,

it continues to be carried out correctly within its 15-month period, and its completion is scheduled for March 2023. Subsequently, the tender for the concession of this hangar will be put out to tender with a duration of 25 years and 10 extendable.

Aerospace industry conference in Teruel, February 1, 2023

On February 1, 2023, the conference "Teruel. A strategic enclave for the aerospace industry in the world", organized by Aragón Exterior, where companies from the aerospace sector will analyze the evolution of this sector at the airport and its growth prospects. Companies located at Teruel Airport will participate in this event, such as Tarmac Aragon, PLD Space, IAC, SCEYE, INAEM, Qatar Airways, the AERA Aerospace Cluster and Elson Engineering. The conference will be inaugurated by the President of the Aragonese Government, Javier Lambán, and will be attended by the Minister of Economy, Planning and Employment, Marta Gastón.

It will feature a presentation "The aerospace PERTE as an opportunity for the sector in Teruel and Aragón" by Héctor Guerrero, Director of the Technical Space Office of the Commissioner for the Aerospace PERTE, of the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

Likewise, an Audiovisual will be presented on Teruel, the airport and its people.

Teruel Airport X Anniversary Celebration

On March 25, 2023, an open day will be held at the Teruel Airport facilities, to bring Teruel society and the general public closer to the facilities and activities that take place in the largest MRO center in Europe. It will be a day to commemorate the X Anniversary since its opening to air traffic, with a forecast of more than 15,000 people. 

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