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Teruel Airport - Leader in Aerospace Sustainability and Innovation


 Teruel Airport has established itself as a benchmark in the aerospace industry, standing out for its focus on sustainability and innovation. With a series of significant projects and milestones, the airport has positioned itself as a center of excellence in the sector. Below, we highlight some of the achievements that demonstrate its leadership in aerospace sustainability and innovation:

  1. Sustainable Solar Energy The airport is in the process of awarding the supply, installation, and legalization of a 500 kW photovoltaic plant for self-consumption, which will be integrated with the existing 100 kW plant. This initiative promotes the use of renewable energy and reduces the carbon footprint. The main objective is to achieve complete electricity self-sufficiency from solar energy for airport operations.
  2. Innovation in Aircraft Disassembly The airport is a partner in the HELACS project (Holistic processes for the cost-effective and sustainable management of End of Life of Aircraft Composite Structures), aiming to develop an integrated methodology for aircraft disassembly and valorization of composite materials, leading the disassembly process in Europe. A recent article can be found at the following link: [https://aviaciondigital.com/helacs-un-paso-mas-hacia-responsabilidad-ambiental/]. Furthermore, Teruel Airport is involved in other projects such as BIZENTE, VIBES, EOLO HUB, and PAHIS (Prediction of Sustainable Hydrogen Airport Infrastructure), with support from the Ministry of Industry through Predictland, Socotec, and Aera.
  3. HAPS Project Hangar SCEYE will establish a production, launch, and control plant for zeppelins providing telecommunications, pollution control, and fire monitoring services. This project drives innovation in aerospace technology.
  4. Advanced Recycling Teruel Airport is home to Tarmac Aragón, an aircraft recycling plant that successfully disassembled the first Airbus A380, achieving an impressive 94% of aircraft reuse and recycling more than 60 aircraft to date.
  5. PLD Space - Private Orbital Launcher PLD Space is developing the Miura 5 orbital launcher, Europe's first private launcher. The company has won the aerospace PERTE (Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and Transformation) to develop this launcher. The company's rocket test benches are located at Teruel Airport, further fueling innovation and leadership in the aerospace sector. Recently, a surface of 141,473 m2 situated in the western zone has been granted to PLD Space for developing the necessary infrastructure for Miura 5 orbital launcher testing.
  6. Sustainability and Quality Recognitions Teruel Airport has been recognized with the Aragón Circular Seal, ISO9001 and ISO14001 Environmental Management Certificates, PLATA Excellence Seal, and the 2018 World Quality Innovation Award (QIA), highlighting its commitment to sustainability and operational excellence.
  7. AIR - Recycling Innovation Center Aviation International Recycling (AIR) will invest 30 million euros to establish an innovation center for recycling aircraft composite materials on a 50,000 m2 surface, including a 10,000 m2 hangar at Teruel Airport.
  8. Energy Efficiency and Electric Mobility Teruel Airport is implementing energy-saving systems and using electric handling vehicles to reduce its environmental impact and promote sustainable practices.

Teruel Airport takes pride in its commitment to sustainability and innovation and will continue to be a leader in the aerospace industry, promoting responsible and sustainable development in this exciting sector.

For more information, visit www.aeropuertodeteruel.com and explore the projects that make Teruel Airport a benchmark in aerospace sustainability and innovation.

About Teruel Airport Teruel Airport is a prominent airport center in Spain, recognized for its focus on sustainability and innovation in the aerospace sector. With a strategic location and a commitment to environmental best practices, the airport has become a hub of excellence in aircraft and aeronautical materials management, as well as the development of cutting-edge projects in the aviation industry.

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