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Teruel Airport celebrates its X Anniversary on March 25, 2023 with an open day

On Saturday, March 25, 2023, an open house will take place to celebrate the 10th operational anniversary of the Teruel airport, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. with numerous participating companies and civil and military aircraft. It is not necessary to sign up as admission is free.

The main objective is to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the commissioning of the airport since it began its air operations in March 2013. From morning to mid-afternoon, different activities will be carried out with the collaboration of airport partner companies, as well as the Army. of the Air and Space, the Civil Guard, the National Police among other institutions and collaborators.

To organize the event, the following parking areas are established:

- P1, located in the southern area of the airport, which will be accessed from the old military booths, after passing the bridge that crosses the train tracks. This first area, the largest in terms of capacity, will have direct access to the airport facilities to the parking platform area.
- P2, located in the northern area of the airport, in the industrial area. This entrance is located at the airport entrance, located in front of the A380 double hangar.
- PA, a parking lot for buses in front of the general services building.To facilitate the arrival at the Teruel airport, three free buses are offered continuously during the day with departure from Dinópolis from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to the airport, making the route in a circle. This facilitates the transfer of people and avoids the agglomeration of vehicles.

All these car parks have their entrance for personnel walking to the airport facilities, indicated on signs to make a more fluid transfer of people.

Within the facilities, attendees will be able to find different food and drink stalls for that day, and thus be able to enjoy a pleasant day visiting the facilities of the largest parking, MRO maintenance, recycling and innovation center in Europe.

It will be possible to visit the 100,000 m2 parking platform and hangars that will have commercial aircraft, helicopters, space rockets, military vehicles, fire engines, drones, model airplanes, vehicles and specialized personnel. There will also be some surprises for visitors.

Below is a map indicating the vehicle parking areas and their different entrances, as well as the X Anniversary information poster.

Participating companies and announcement of the X Anniversary of PLATA

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