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Teruel Airport carries out a general air accident simulation


Teruel Airport has carried out a general air emergency drill on the morning of May 30, 2023, in order to review and evaluate its self-protection plan in emergencies. The purpose of these drills is for all participants to check and be ready to act in the event of a real aircraft accident emergency.

The function of this drill is to carry out a verification of the Airport Self-Protection Plan in its version 3.4, as well as the verification of all emergency procedures, coordination and channels of communication of information that is generated in a risk situation.

Nearly 50 people participated in the drill, including airport personnel, maintenance and operations support, private security, its own firefighters, National Police, Civil Guard, firefighters from the Teruel Provincial Council and emergency personnel.

During the exercise, an accident is simulated due to a failure of the landing gear during the landing of an A330 type aircraft that was landing for subsequent maintenance tasks. This accident is observed from the airport operations center, which activates the emergency situation.

Once the accident is observed, all the emergency protocols are activated, proceeding to notify the airport's own firefighters declaring a state of aeronautical emergency, notifying 112, the Advanced Hand Post and the Security Forces and Bodies of the State. In the event of an accident of this type, the emergency door in the southern area of the airport is enabled to facilitate access by external media to the airport premises, as well as the publication of a runway closure NOTAM.

It is simulated in the accident that 2 people are inside the aircraft, the pilot who is in serious condition and the co-pilot who is unharmed, who are extracted from the burning aircraft by firefighters. The Main Command Post proceeds to activate the emergency care rooms, where the co-pilot is transferred to the Uninjured Room, while the pilot is treated by the ambulance. In addition, it is simulated that the pilot's wife is in the Terminal building and receives assistance.

After the subsequent evaluation meeting and confirming that the response times are adequate as well as the excellent participation of the people involved, the drill is considered finished.

By carrying out these drills, ICAO regulations and the European Regulations on airport emergency planning are complied with, as well as national legislation.



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