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New concessions hangar 2 A380 and aerospace area at Teruel Airport

Teruel Airport published the tender on February 17, 2023 for the concession of the A380 double hangar for a minimum fee of 1,483,686.18 euros/year with a duration of 25 years plus 10 possible extensions. It is a hangar with two bays separated by a row of pillars in the center. The free interior dimensions of each bay are approximately 91.50 meters wide, 90.00 meters long and 30.50 meters high, as well as the platform in front of the hangar.

This is the largest infrastructure in the airport facilities, attractive to customers as it is one of the hangars with the largest capacity in Europe.

The term for the presentation of offers ended on March 31, 2023, with a single offer received from Tarmac Aragón. The opening of the envelopes began with the opening of envelope one on April 12, 2023, corresponding to the opening of the administrative envelope. The opening of the technical offer will take place on April 18, 2023 and the opening of the economic offer on May 9, 2023.

Another tender that is underway in the offer evaluation phase is the concession of land for aerospace activity. This is a land concession that covers a total area of 141,473 m2. This area of land is located in the western area of the airport and will be used for aerospace activities.

The tender announcement was made on February 9, 2023 for a minimum fee of 425,253.50 euros/year with a duration of 25 years plus 10 possible extensions. Once the offer submission period had ended, a single proposal was received from the company Payload Aerospace. At present, the technical offer has already been opened and the opening of the economic offer will take place on April 21.

A380 double hangar

Interior view double A380 hangar

Aerial view hangar

Aerial view double A380 hangar and parking area

Aerial view aerospace zone

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