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First steps for the development of the PIGA expansion of the Teruel Airport


The Governing Council of the Teruel Airport has met today electronically to approve tenders that will represent the first steps in the development of the PIGA expansion of the Teruel Airport. The Teruel Airport Consortium is made up of the Government of Aragon (60%) and the Teruel City Council (40%).

On the one hand, the processing of the paving work file for the PHASE V parking lot has been approved, that is, the one that will be located on the new land incorporated into the Teruel Airport. The bidding process for this project requires prior authorization from the Júcar Hydrographic Confederation for ravine diversions, and the Provincial Transportation Service for road easements.

As the Minister of Territorial Structure, Mobility and Housing, and President of the Teruel Airport Consortium, José Luis Soro, has pointed out, "the paving of the PHASE V parking area represents an investment of 13,828,877.96 euros ( without VAT) and a period of execution of the works will be 15 months". At today's meeting, the manager of the Teruel Airport has been delegated the powers to start all the processing of this work.

In parallel, the start of the processing of the file for the installation of a 500KW photovoltaic plant has also been approved for an award amount of 523,538.96 euros (without VAT) and an execution period of six months. These works also include the channeling of rainwater through an underground tube. This photovoltaic plant will serve to serve the new facilities that are developed at the Teruel Airport. With this installation, which is added to the existing 100kw one, it will be possible to ensure self-consumption at Teruel Airport.

Fencing work in the aerospace area

The installation of a perimeter fence in the aerospace area of the Teruel Airport has been approved with the aim of keeping this area outside the so-called "air zone" so that personnel access can be facilitated and risks are reduced. In this area, used by the company PLD Space, it is not necessary to park aircraft nor is it used as a flight runway, "we changed the use of this land to be more operational," explained Soro.

The investment for this fence will be 223,335.19 euros (without VAT) and will include, in addition to the 900 linear meters of fence and 40-centimeter-high wall, two perimeter roads, one paved interior and one dirt exterior.

Governing Council Meeting

Governing Council meeting held on April 20, 2023

Airport aerial view

General view of the A380 double hangar and field

Phase V 

Expansion of parking phase V

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