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About the new warehouses for drone technology and logistics


About the new warehouse for drone technology (1.3 million euros + VAT)

Two companies have come forward to undertake the sections of drafting the contract and work. Currently, the aerospace market has shown interest in developing its projects at the Teruel Airport, through aerospace engineering proposals for data capture and environmental monitoring. The implementation of this type of project at the airport requires a certain infrastructure whose location and construction allow versatility in terms of the use of the spaces destined for it and its future expansion.

For this reason, the area of the industrial estate located to the south of the airport in the area called "casas de Caudé" is the most suitable for building and developing the minimum facilities that allow the implementation of this type of project.

As the Minister of Territorial Structure, Mobility and Housing, José Luis Soro, has pointed out, "the work consists of the demolition of the existing buildings, the adaptation of the plots and the construction of a 1,500-square-meter warehouse with accesses, urbanization, connections, drainages and facilities". The industrial area where the work is to be carried out will have independent access from the A-1512 road.

For his part, the director of the Teruel Airport, Alejandro Ibrahim, explained that "the contract has an execution period of 10 months, divided into two stages, the first stage is for the drafting of the Construction Project according to the established indications in the PPTP of the tender. The maximum period for drafting the project is two months.

The second stage is for the execution of the work according to the Construction Project drawn up with an execution period of eight months.

Offers for the logistics warehouse (1.9 million euros + VAT)

Four companies have presented themselves for the drafting of the project and execution of the work of the warehouse for logistics use.

In 2019, the construction of a first warehouse of 25 x 36 x 5 meters for logistics use was completed and in 2021 a second warehouse of dimensions of 25 x 80 x 7 meters also intended for logistics activities.

The warehouses were designed with a metal structure, composed of porticos aligned with the access and rear façades, and straps that stabilize it. It has an enclosure with a tongue-and-groove sandwich panel, both on the roof and on the four façades of the nave, bolted to the structure.

As the Minister of Territorial Structure, Mobility and Housing, José Luis Soro, has pointed out, "the tender for the project and work is for the construction of a warehouse with similar characteristics to the previous ones, but with a larger surface area".

In this case, the warehouse to be designed and built will have dimensions of 50 x 100 meters. In addition to the increase in the contemplated surface, two additional modifications are produced with respect to the previous warehouse due to the notable increase in their dimensions that allow moving loads with overhead cranes and additional fire protection.

For this reason, 2 2-ton overhead cranes are being contemplated and the roof and facade will be projected with fireproof material. The estimated bidding base budget, reaching 1.900.000 euros (VAT excluded).

For his part, the director of the Teruel Airport, Alejandro Ibrahim, explained that the project must contain and take into account, among other actions, the adequacy of the plot in an industrial zone, an access to the warehouse from the industrial zone must be projected and executed fromthe existing roads remodeling the sidewalks and the current parking area and, in this specific work, as the installation of two bridge-cranes is included, a correct dimensioning and fit with the structure is required, removing it together guarantees a better execution.

Regarding the management of works, control and surveillance and coordination of safety and health of the projects and work of a 5000 m2 logistics warehouse and warehouse in the southern zone, with a bidding budget of 127.000 euros, a total of three offers have been received.

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