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About to close the third quarter of 2019 it is estimated that the operating income of the Teruel Airport increases by 15% compared to the previous year, continuing the growing trend of income and activities since its opening to air traffic almost seven years ago. It should be noted that in 2019 the operating income exceeds 50% of the operating expenses, even though the staff has been doubled to carry out the expansion process.

The innovative airport platform of Teruel, PLATA, positioned as the largest parking, maintenance and recycling center for large aircraft in Europe, with a growing activity that exceeds the average of 260 accesses of persons per day.

The first half of 2019 has exceeded 3,000 air operations and in the last 3 years about 13,000 have been accounted. Since the beginning of the supply of aviation fuel 4 years ago they exceed 6 million liters.

Innovation participation grows in H2020 projects with several countries, as well as calls from the Ministry of Industry, recently receiving the World Innovation Award, denominated Quality Innovation Award, in Beijing, China.

Its unique and successful business model continues to diversify in maintenance, parking, preservation, aircraft recycling, rocket engine tests, flight tests, aerial work, flight schools, RPAS, R&D&I, creating new business opportunities in the thriving aeronautical logistics sector. Teruel Airport is in the advanced construction phase of a 900 m2 logistics warehouse located in the air zone and intended for the storage of aeronautical material. 

Teruel Airport is currently in an important moment of strong growth, so it is necessary to provide it with adequate infrastructure that can absorb such growth. A Phase II Aircraft Platform Expansion project has been drafted, which will allow expanding the current platform area for the maintenance and parking of aircraft by approximately 37,000 m2, which will be added with a total of almost 100,000 m2.

Also, coinciding with the end of September 2019, the project for the construction of a hangar with capacity up to two A380s, the largest commercial passenger aircraft flying today, will be completed. The projected installation will be equipped with a platform, logistics area, attached offices and parking areas.

Similarly, the airport is in the final phase of a project of a paint hangar for aircraft up to type A350-900.

Strengthens a strong social commitment for the generation of qualified jobs, taking 4 years with the seal of Social Responsibility of Aragon and implementing the Quality Management Systems according to ISO 9001 and the Environmental Management System with ISO 14001.

It is therefore a clear commitment to the aeronautical sector that allows continued growth in this industry, generate qualified employment and improve competitiveness in the future, and thus, strengthen the current position of Teruel Airport as one of the centers of excellence worldwide within the maintenance, painting, parking and recycling sector, covering the entire life cycle of large commercial operating aircraft.

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