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 The award means also the step to the international competition that will be trumped in Pekin in February.

The director of the Airport of Teruel, Alejandro Ibrahim, has gathered the QIA award given to the Consorcio of the Airport of Teruel, with that it puts in value on the industrial nature of this public infrastructure and the innovative character of the activities that develop in the same one.

The counselor of Vertebración of the Territory, Mobility and Housing, José Luis Soro, has emphasized that with this award it is recognized "a good labor in the approach of the airport and a joint work of the administrations, the companies and the society of Teruel that have achieved that the Airport of Teruel is a modal of success"

Besides the recognition delivered today, the Consorcio of the Airport of Teruel goes on to the international phase that will be chosen to the winners of every category. It is about a few award stimulated by the National Association of Centers Promoters of the Excellence-CEX, that looks for the development of the culture of the quality, the innovation and the excellence. The Aragonese Institute of Promotion (IAF), forms a part of this association. The juror is composed by experts of ANECA, the National Agency of Evaluation and Quality.

Aragonese Company

Also the company Biocurve has been rewarded in the category of Responsible Innovations.

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