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The International Airport of Teruel has won the National Phase of the International QIA Award, Quality International Award.

QIA 2018Two Aragonese organizations have won the National Phase of the QIA Prize, an annual international competition that includes 18 countries (Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Latvia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Israel, Lithuania, China, Spain, Russia and 5 Africa) whose objective is to promote innovative projects in companies and organizations, to compare themselves, and to give local and international recognition to the most innovative projects.

CEX (Association of Centers of Excellence of which the Aragonese Development Institute is a member) has been a member of the Steering Committee of this International Prize since 2017.

This Award has eight categories and the candidate organizations participate first in a national process in which they are evaluated by CEX evaluators and ANECA experts. In this National Phase, Teruel Airport has won the Category of Innovations in the Public Sector and Biocurve in the Category of Responsible Innovations.

The presentation of the National Prize will take place on November 27 at 12 in the Assembly Hall of the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC).

The winning organizations in this national phase go directly to be candidates of the international competition, where an international jury formed by the countries represented in the QIA votes and chooses the finalist and international winner of each category. The awards ceremony will take place in the month of February in Beijing.

The Teruel International Airport is the biggest aircraft parking center, MRO airport platform and innovative in Europe, with capacity for more than 250 aircraft, dedicated to maintenance, recycling, testing, flight school, I + Đ, aviation, aeronautical training and test of rocket engines.

The essence of innovation lies in how an airport without passengers can become profitable, surpassing in operating income more than 20 airports in the Spanish network and in only 6 years of life. According to the jury, it is due to the innovation carried out in the activity of the Airport destined to an industry of the aeronautical environmental reconversion with long-term parking of large aircraft, recycling and specialized maintenance.

The company BioCurve, located in the European Center for Business and Innovation (CEEI Aragón), in Zaragoza, has developed the first boiler that, without external equipment, combines the environmental benefits of biomass with the maximum performance of condensation (greater than 105 %).
Starting from a different conception of the two essential parts of a boiler (burner and exchanger), the company has been able to conceive, develop and successfully implement a biomass boiler, environmentally friendly, with a performance far superior to the best existing biomass boilers in the market.
BioCurve has designed two improvements in the critical processes of the boiler: combustion, where up to 700ºC are generated, and the transfer of that energy to the heating water, which has led the company to develop and patent several products. BioCurve has also had a rapid expansion and this boiler is available in Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland, Portugal, South Africa and, starting next season, in Germany.
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