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Last July 10, 2018 it was celebrated in the Official Chamber of Trade, Industry and Services of Zaragoza the 50 º Anniversary of the Customs Union organized by the Tributary Agency with the assistance of the DG of the Airport of Teruel, Alejandro Ibrahim, who explained the development of the International airport of Teruel since his opening to the air civil traffic in the year 2013 " we have a frontier point that allows the entrance and exit of goods classified under aircraft for the parking of long stay, maintenance and recycling aircraft, being the major center of Europa's parking aircraft ".

The event was organized by the Tributary Agency, presided by Pilar Villaro Gumpert, special delegate of the AEAT in Aragon. At the event also was present Maria Pilar Jurado Borrego, principal of the Customs department and Special Taxes.

Also other companies participated as Opel Spain, BSH, ATEIA, Tarmac Aragón, Bosch España, Group SAMCA, Aena, University of Zaragoza, between others, where they explained the impact and benefits of the customs union produced in Europe and aspects of his increasing development.

The airport of Teruel presented that in 2018 it expects to overcome 6.000 air total operations per year, overcoming in his 5 years from his start up 800 operations with big aircraft. In addition, specialized quality work in maintenance of aircraft and of aeronautical development is generated with more than 250 persons in 10 companies installed in the airport in 5 years.

As for the turolenses exports in 2017, there is estimated an increase of 22,4 % with regard to the previous year, duplicating the aragonese ones in the year 2017, beating this way a new historical annual record in the Autonomous Community of Aragon. Inside the province of Teruel, the capital goods represent the most dynamic sector, supposing 28,1 %. With regard to the importances, the increase in the year 2017 in compared to the previous year was 40,1 %.

The Customs Union celebrate in 2018 his 50 º anniversary, being the only zone of trade composed by 28 countries, where circulate freely goods, being able to commercialized this way inside this zone without customs controls. The principal aims of the Customs Union are to preserve the rules of environment, health and security, and the fight against the piracy, money laundering and persons' traffic. Other one of the aims that it develops is to attack the fraud, avoiding false declarations of IVA and tax evasion. 

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