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The adaptation of the Airport of Teruel for the inclusion of the satellite-guided instrument flight system will cost less than 400,000 euro. It is half of what was initially foreseen.

The editing group has already submitted the project, which is currently being revised by the people responsible for the Consortium of Airport, which is composed of the Government of Aragon and Teruel Town Council. The main purpose is to tender for the work next September.

Alejandro Ibrahim, the General Manager of the airport, stated that the cost reduction, which was considered at the beginning, has been achieved. It has been possible, above all, because the existing electricity infrastructures are going to be taken advantage of and LED-type technology is going to be used. Furthermore, fewer expropriations than what was expected will be necessary. This is due to the fact that at the south header of the runway, the beacon towers could be placed on the current area of the aerodrome. And at the north header, it will be only necessary to occupy a property in order to place beacons, which must be put every 60 metres.

The Airport of Teruel currently works with the visual approach system. This causes that there is only the possibility of making landing and takeoff in daylight and with weather conditions which do not obstruct visibility. The people responsible for the airport work on the inclusion of the satellite instrument system since 2015.

With regard to the on-demand night flight, the necessary marking has been already placed and the authorisation has been applied for to the Government of Aragon, which is responsible for granting permission. The manager told that the inspection has been already conducted and that they expect to have the authorisation soon, since it was demanded by the pilot school FTA in order that their students could do their night flight training in Teruel.

The Airport responsible also trusts that after summer, the Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency (AESA) approves the verification change which was requested so that flights of up to 19 passengers could be possible on the apron. Alejandro Ibrahim declared that they had made the changes to the Airport Manual, to the operational safety system and the AFIS study. And currently, they are completing the requirements suggested by AESA so as to issue the new verification.

Meanwhile, the airport continues with good numbers. Last July, 258 operations took place at the airport, with an increase of 253.4% regarding the 73 operations of the same month in 2016. 

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