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The International Airport of Teruel performed an aeronautical drill of air accident this Wednesday 19th July 2017, in order to verify the update of the Airport Security Plan, which is currently approved. Furthermore, this drill has been also useful for assessing the responsiveness of the means, as well as the coordination between the different actors involved.

The general air accident drill was that one of the engines of an aircraft of type A320 caught fire during the takeoff manoeuvre. This aircraft was placed in the middle of the runway. The different groups were coordinated in this action: the Main Control Position, CEOPS, Advanced Control Post, internal means such as the safety unit composed of the private security and the SSEI (the Rescue and Firefighting Service). In addition to the external means of emergency, which are the 112, Civil Guard, National Police and external firefighters.

The intervention in this aeronautical drill was the following: the personnel from the Operation Centre of the Airport saw a fire in one the engines of the aircraft during its takeoff manoeuvre. The Operation Centre activated the Main Control Position immediately, and the Rescue and Firefighting Service (SSEI) of the airport, the General Manager, the 112, the Advanced Control Post, the security guard, Civil Guard and National Police were notified.

The personnel from the SSEI went to the accident site, meanwhile, a NOTAM was published since the runway was not operational. Afterwards, the Responsible of the Advanced Control Post went to the site of the emergency, informed of the state of the incident and reported that the pilot and the co-pilot were injured, one of them seriously and the other slightly. In the meantime, the SSEI extinguished the fire and rescued the injured people from the aircraft.

When the firefighters from the Provincial Council of Teruel guided by the Civil Guard arrived at the accident site, they collaborated with the SSEI from the airport to extinguish the fire. With regard to the injured, the doctors from the 112 arrived in order to attend to them. The 112 carried the seriously injured person by helicopter to the burns unit of Zaragoza, and the slightly injured was attended by the doctor and was carried to the Obispo Polanco Hospital of Teruel for a subsequent medical examination.

Finally, the extinguishing of the fire was communicated, the Safety Unit guided the external means to the way out and the emergency ended. After, a meeting was held in order to assess the results of the drill.

Therefore, measures have been implemented in this drill, and they were collected in the reports of previous drills. These aspects have been useful for the update and training of the available means for an air accident, complying with the regulations of ICAO and AESA (the Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency).

In the commitment to improvement and continuous training, it is the fifth general aeronautical drill developed in the Airport of Teruel.

Once the drill finished, the regular air operations continued. As a matter of fact, an aircraft of type A320 coming from Germany landed. The airport growth continues, and the number of air operations is planned to treble in 2017 regarding the previous year. 

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