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In the Teruel Airport, different types of activities are developed as Aircraft maintenance, recycling, dismantling and test; rocket engine test, long-term aircraft parking, aeronautical R&D, aircraft certification, helicopters, general aviation, and flight school are some of these operations.

In order to develop and improve the parking aircraft of different type, the Government of Aragon published last Monday 26th June 2017 in BOA, Official Aragon Gazette, the awarding of the work for the aircraft parking apron expansion. Idecon S.A.U. has been the awarded company with a completion term of 5 months, and a budget of 1.1 million euro. The awarded company presented several criteria, some of them are the financial offer, safety operational studies, financial and technical solvency.

The contract is dated 8th June 2017 and the certificate of commencement was signed on 26th June 2017. Therefore, the earthmoving and piping works are already operating.

This new project which is taking place in the Airport of Teruel consists of the expansion of the parking apron pavement for aircrafts. The measurements of this new expansion with concrete are 165 x 165 metres and the it will be placed following the existent parking apron. In order to develop this expansion, some of the equipment and means which will be installed are: drainage system, grounding grid for aircrafts and anchorage network, signposting of the parking area which will be based on line and symbol painting, as well as the placement of beacons and two towers which will be used for the apron lightning.

The main advantage of this project is that the Teruel Airport increases its opportunities within the aircraft parking sector. As a matter of fact, due to this expansion, up to 3 A-320 aircrafts and 10 B-757 aircrafts could be parked. Another important aspect is that part of this parking apron will be aimed at general and private aviation, where there will be parking for 12 aircrafts.

Thus, the new project of parking apron expansion joins the great growth of the facilities of the Airport of Teruel. This airport has runway, maintenance apron, long-term aircraft parking apron, and two hangars, one of them built during this year. Therefore, this expansion contributes to the development and evolution of the airport. 

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