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 The director of Teruel Airport, Alejandro Ibrahim, said the activity on the premises has continued to grow since it became operational in February 2013, and "continue to grow" in the future

The Teruel Airport director, Alejandro Ibrahim, said the activity at the premises of Airport Platform, known as PLATA, still experienced excellent growth since its start-up thanks to the skills and expertise with which it is shown to the aviation sector, MRO being the biggest center of Europe attracting innovative companies and high value-added industry that is making possible a strong generation of jobs.

"An airport with these features boosts the economy of the area to attract industry and value that results in generation turn of indirect jobs that provide services and supplies needed for increased performance of the airport," Ibrahim stated.

A 122.5% increase in air operations in 2014 over the previous year with large aircraft, helicopters, general aviation and flight prototype UAV/RPA shows strong growth which is unusual in conventional airports.

At present all activities of granting parking, maintenance and dismantling of aircraft, said work. So, deadlines and commitments linked to job creation grant "are being met," said Ibrahim, who nevertheless avoided going into detail on the activity of the company.

The head of the aerodrome recalled that permits for international airport activity, fundamental for development were achieved in 2014. "Right now we are already at the stage where the activity can start producing and what is happening with strong growth and already have six companies based at the airport," he said.

In addition, we have incorporated other activities such as test rocket engines installed PLD Space since November 2014, a company unmanned aircraft with permanent office at the aerodrome and others whose implementation is being negotiated and will continue to receive expressions of interest infrastructure for its excellent features for the aviation industry.

The airport continues to attract jobs and others who provide services to which workers installed Tarmac and other companies that increase their production, together with the external contracts of security, fire, construction, fuel aviation service, technical assistance or maintenance, among others.

Thus, PLATA is being known as a unique and international platform with ability to configure and respond to the growing future of business aviation and aerospace.

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