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The aviation sector is characterized by his technology and his permanent commitment for the innovation as put in manifest in his last Governing Council at Teruel Airport

The Governing Council of Teruel Airport Consortium held yesterday December 16, 2014 in Zaragoza at its last meeting of the year in which the commitment by innovation that keeps the airport infrastructure was found. A activities as tests for the design of UAV / RPAS or first liquid propulsion rocket engine that develops in Spain who are developing several companies located at the aerodrome involving the airport platform adds in two research and development projects funded by the Ministry of Industry that coordinates Aragonese Aeronautic Association (Aera), which is part of the airport.

One of the aims isto develop a process for the safe integration of RPAS (light UAVs) in airspace and with the participation of the Technological Institute of Aragon (ITA) and INDA, performing flight tests of the prototype to be used for testing the improved performances and flight conditions.

The second project aims to optimize the design of light metal structure hangars for airport facilities and it Cualimetal a company specializing in metal structures involved. The platform turolense assistance in the definition of the requirements of a hangar quickly erected, explained Alejandro Ibrahim, director of the airport.

During the meeting of the Governing Board, the Director / Manager, Alejandro Ibrahim, took stock of the activities developed during 2014 so far on site, whose main client to the company Tarmac, which operates the hangar and the campaign for activities parking, maintenance and recycling of aircraft. At the airport other companies, including INAER, which makes medical helicopter service 112 of the Government of Aragon permanently from its base at the airport, which has built its own hangar and offices also work. Also Booster Space Industries, aviation consultants in various innovative projects suborbital flight that develops and Elson Engineering, focusing on high altitude flights or suborbital research and development.

The development of general aviation and business aircraft, as well as running improvement projects was also noted as are the platform in the fuel and authorization of BP Oil Spain for the supply of fuel JET A1 and AVGAS at the airport.

During the meeting, Alejandro Ibrahim also reported the entry into operation of the new airport website (www.airportofteruel.com) in early November.

As he explained, "it is a more modern and dynamic website with fresh and expert on operational and airport security or new activities of the various companies that are developing their work at the airport information." 

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