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 The service of JET A1, AVGAS and unleaded 95 for all types of aircraft is for a period of four years

The paving of the platform of 3,150 square meters will be completed before the end of this year

Teruel Airport (PLATA) continues its aim of further improving its services to companies located in their facilities and those who are showing their interest in developing different projects in the aeronautical turolense space. In order to improve its performance, the Airport tendered the service of fuel and running the paving of 3,150 square meters platform in the area for such activity.

Having completed all the red tape, has awarded the company British Petroleum (BP) Oil Spain SAU service delivery receipt, storage, delivery, unloading and sale of fuel and lubricants in Teruel Airport. By the clauses stipulated in the notice, the combined company will manage the installation for four years, paying an annual fee based on liters of JET A1, AVGAS and unleaded petrol which supplied at the time.

A service that, as has secured Teruel Airport director, Alejandro Ibrahim, "will allow refueling and supply of aircraft and used in the periods in which they need fuel for maintenance or when they take off to other airports", he explained.

This service involves adding more attractive to the airport ahead of the installed companies and to do so in the future. As detailed Alejandro Ibrahim, "at this stage we begin to have a flow of aircraft that come to us from other national and international airports and necessary, as one of the requirements we have in the Airport and to be implemented to starting next, have this service which is very important for the operation of aircraft year", he said.

At the same time, continue to advance the construction of a platform in the fuel supply to supply the fuel needed to aircraft operating at the airport in Teruel. Flooring made by the UTE Auxiliary Pyrenees SA and José Antonio Romero Polo SAU, involving an investment of 280,311 euros (VAT excluded) and will be completed before the end of this year.

Specifically, the intervention consists of paving with concrete base of a platform of 3,150 square meters (70x50) area next to the fuel tanks of 280,000 liters campaign. Also includes a hydrant system with pipes for reporting large aircraft type B747 and A340 dimensions and fluid collection elements that connect to the network discharges Airport which flows into the filter, in order to avoid contamination of aquifers for possible fuel leaks.

For the director of Teruel Airport this performance is "an added capacity growth we are experiencing in recent months and will continue next year." More specifically, what fuels the zone refers Alejandro Ibrahim has stated that "has a system of pipes that connect to a hydrant and a significantly facilitate fueling of large aircraft. The fuel goes straight through the area of the wings and so the service is provided in a more efficient and economical to avoid refueling units way", he said.

After the performance, the road shall have a minimum width of 23 meters at its straight section, along unpaved margin of 10.5 meters on each side. This will enable its width, 44 meters in total, allow it to be used by any type of aircraft that can access towed to the gas station across the road that runs between the runway, platform and airport parking campaign.

Teruel Airport continues to adapt its facilities to the needs demanded by the aviation industry today, which is helping to place it as an international reference as companies look to PLATA as a site with numerous possibilities.

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