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Paving of a platform (3,150 square meters) will be completed before the end of the year.

It is also close to award the service of fuels and lubricants for all types of aircraft.

Gradually improve facilities Teruel Airport to increase its appeal to companies already located and companies that can show their interest in developing aeronautical projects in their facilities. To that end, the Public Works, Planning, Housing and Transport Department is still making actions that may result in energizing the Airport and the generation of jobs.

The last one is materializing is building a platform in the fuel supply, which will supply the fuel needed to aircraft operating in Teruel aviation infrastructure. At present this intervention, which involves an investment of 280,311 € (excluding VAT) and executes UTE Pavimentos Auxiliares Pirineo S.A. y José Antonio Romero Polo S.A.U., is in its final phase and forecasts point to be completed and available before the end of this year.

The performance consists of paving with concrete base of a platform of 3,150 square meters (70x50) in the long-term parking area with the fuel tanks of 280,000 liters. Hydrant system with pipes for fuel refuel large aircraft type B747 or A340 is included. This platform will feature fluid collection elements that connect to the network discharges Airport which flows into the filter, in order to avoid contamination of aquifers for possible fuel leaks.

Regarding the state of the works, the director of Teruel Airport, Alejandro Ibrahim, explained that "we are going at a good pace. We have finished paving part and we have a final phase of facilities, so next month we will have finished all the work and you will have been tested, "he explained.

After the performance, the road shall have a minimum width of 23 meters at its straight section, along unpaved margin of 10.5 meters on each side. This will enable its width, 44 meters in total; allow it to be used by any type of aircraft that can access towed to the fuel station across the road that runs between the runway, platform and airport long-term parking.

Alejandro Ibrahim has stressed the relevance of new construction for the development of airport activity. In this regard, he said that "the area of fuel is very important areas in the activities we have planned next year to provide fuel to aircraft take off from the airport with a much more efficient and economical system that will streamline the commissioning of the aircraft for takeoff, "he said.

Besides that, in the near future authorization for the service reception, storage, supply and sale of fuel and lubricants at the airport will be awarded. The winning company will manage the plant for four years, paying an annual fee based on liters of JET A1, AVGAS and unleaded gasoline 95 which supplied at the time.

Both developments allow further step Teruel Airport in purpose of providing comprehensive and diversified services to the aviation sector. New possibilities that are being very well received by companies engaged in such activities and that position the Teruel International aeronautical industrial Hub as an industry benchmark. 

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