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New upgrade of its website www.aeropuertodeteruel.com as a showcase to the world

A modern design with more content to attract new customers

Teruel Airport improved its image in the Internet as a way of showing to the world. Their website www.aeropuertodeteruel.com , in Spanish and English version, has been updated in order to attract more visitors to this website favoring the arrival of new customers to the airport infrastructure.

Airport director, Alejandro Ibrahim, stated that "This is a dynamic website with fresh and expert on airport safety and security, the new activities of the various companies that are developing their work as Tarmac, Inaer, Booster Space, Hasa, PDL Space and also on contracts that are made ", he detailed.

As Alejandro Ibrahim explained, the objective pursued with this new updated website is "positioned as an aeronautical international industrial hub that is a reference in the sector in major projects with a modern and contemporary infrastructure. A door towards our customers can contact us, to know interesting news and issues that are developing at the airport and, thus, interact in a more dynamic way with our potential customers", stated.

The new website has been made with a modern design and technologically enhanced to include more content for a thorough knowledge of the airport and a clearer and more accessible to view the different sections. This way you can know the technical characteristics of the infrastructure, procurement processes, or activities starring the most noteworthy news generated in the aeronautical sector.

Thus, in the general section of the airport level, airport services, competitive advantage, industrial area, environmental responsibility, and the history of infrastructure explains. In the Operations section elaborates on the technical information, fees, handling, safety, security airport and firefighter simulation that is performed by rules of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), among others.

On the Activities tab, the work of the various companies operating from the airport as in the case of TARMAC ARAGON, the Airbus Group, which builds parking, maintenance and recycling of large commercial aircraft or helicopter company INAER collects medicalized providing the service of the Government of Aragon 112 permanently at the airport. Not to mention the presence of BOOSTER INDUSTRIES SPACE aviation consultants in several innovative projects being developed with several businesses with a "sub-orbital" rocket plane in order to transport passengers and research payloads into space.

Likewise, through this section on general aviation for certain aviation activities or regarding private aviation is collected. As well as, information on training flights airlines crew or sample advertisements that hosts the installation ultimately all activity generated and produced in Teruel Airport.

The webpage is complete with other sections such as the airport location, contracting (open tenders, closed and adjudications) to deepen transparency and information about the media (news, images and videos).

In short, this new design provides a comprehensive and current view of the great progress made by PLATA in just two years. In March 2013, the airport began aerial operations to get the verification and approval at the airport. Subsequently, in February 2014, was published in the Official State Bulletin allowing outpost receiving aircraft from anywhere in the world and providing international nature of its air operations through passport control and border control security.

Proof of this is that the airport has lately had several international air operations from the United States and China along with other flights within the Schengen area, thus completing the overall capacity that requires the aerospace industry.

With this new image in Internet, PLATA, continues positioning itself as a hub of international aviation industry in the sector that allows the development of large enterprise projects and offers a modern airport infrastructure compliance with all international regulations and the Spanish Aviation Safety Agency and the Directorate General of Civil Aviation and a Manual of Airport, Operational Management System and Airport Security Program and adapted to the requirements of RD 862/2009 which regulates the standards technical design and operation of public use of aerodromes and other regulations for airports. 

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