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Singular Aircraft was founded with the aim of providing a solution to pilots who permanently put their lives at risk in air operations.

The beginnings were focused on the extinction of fires, but after the first designs and tests, the Singular Aircraft team saw the great possibilities that Flyox I could offer in other fields of traditional aviation, such as the transport of solid or liquid goods, surveillance or agricultural work. After two years of hard work by the engineering team, the first prototype, called SA-03, was built, with which the first tests were performed, both on land and in water.

As a result of the test results, the first unit of the series that we know today as Flyox I was built, which successfully completed its first flight on May 16, 2015 at Hofn Airport, Iceland.

In Singular Aircraft, we face the future with optimism, motivated by the results obtained, to continue working on the objective of converting the Flyox I into the benchmark UAV in the market.

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