PLD Space will test the MIURA 1 at Teruel airport

PLD Space will carry out the Miura 1 rocket tests at its facilities at Teruel Airport.

The rocket will be tested on the company's test bench at the airport for the combined qualification tests. The rocket measures 12.2 meters in length and will be launched at the end of 2022 at a height of 153 kilometers.

At the Teruel Airport facilities, tests of the complete rocket will be carried out, but without load and in static mode, all the systems and the engine will be proposed. On launch into space, the rocket will carry a 100-kilogram load of instruments for microgravity research.

PLD Space currently has two engine test benches at Teruel Airport, and plans to build another three to test the Miura 5, the reusable rocket that will succeed the Miura 1 to reach greater heights and launch small satellites from different customers public and private.

The Miura 1 rocket is the first fully functional and integrated flight qualification rocket. Once the appropriate tests are carried out, it will travel to the El Aeronosillo base in Huelva for the validation of the ground infrastructure with the National Institute of Aerospace Technology (INTA).

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