foto junto helicóptero a ibrahim
Alejandro Ibrahim
Director of Teruel Airport

Teruel International Airport is an industrial-aeronautical HUB, located on the EUROPEAN AEROSPACE INDUSTRY, and it is recognized as the aeronautical platform of Teruel, PLATA.

The hub is ideal for its industrial-aeronautical capabilities with the following characteristics that define it unique:

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General plan

The airport installations are designed by the concept of maximum functionality, with an initial fund about 40 million euros of public investment. They are flexible and they are regenerating constantly being equipped with the latest technologies.

Airport facilities include an area of 840 acres and it is capable of operating up to aircraft Class E (Boeing 747, Airbus A340).

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Competitive advantages

PLATA is configured as an exclusive new model airport platform of unique features, created for the purpose of finding solutions to the necessary restructuring of the aviation industry in Europe. It is a new area of general aviation oriented for business services, specializing in long term parking, recycling and aircraft maintenance.

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Industrial zone

The airport has 81 acres of industrial area adjacent to the airport near the main entrance.

The land subdivision project set in the industrial area of the airport allows the acquisition of the land for aeronautical activities. It is suitable for the development of new hangars, offices, workshops and training, as well as, to provide common services at the airport.

Here you can settle your company and have the best needs for the expansion of your business, with its own railway access and plots for all types of activities.

The airport is positioned as a INDUSTRIAL AERONAUTICAL HUB, international, offering high visibility of your brand and easy access for business efficiency.


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Environmental responsability

PLATA, in order to make compatible the provision of airport services with the conservation of the environment, is conducting a comprehensive set of environmental actions during all phases of their business.

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History of airport

PLATA is built on the old Caudé aerodrome, which was used during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). It was later used as an artillery range by the Spanish Air Force. It covered an area of 2,043,600 m2, now are 3.400.000 m2. This site was used historically for military aeronautical activities because of its exceptional climate conditions, location and low density of air traffic.


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